The T3 Difference

Smart Heat

Digital Heat for Beautiful Hair

From customizable temperature settings, to an internal microchip that monitors heat fluctuations, our tools are strong on style and respectful to hair.

Smart Heat
  • Consistent Heat

    Powered and controlled by an internal microchip to ensure an even, consistent temperature while styling.

  • Fast Heat

    A fast heat-up time and even temperature are the keys to efficient styling. Our heat technology works quickly and maintains temperature throughout the styling process, for optimal results in just one pass.

  • Personalized Heat

    Designed for varying hair types, textures, and conditions, our tools feature multiple heat and speed settings for optimal personalization.


Technology designed from the insight out.

Powered by custom technologies, our tools are designed to deliver results in less time, reducing heat exposure for shiny, frizz-free looks that last.



First-of-its-kind intelligent heat technology personalized for you, and your unique hair needs.

Rapid HeatIQ

Rapid HeatIQ

Engineered with a smart microchip, 9 precise heat settings, and T3 CeraSync heaters, T3 Rapid HeatIQ delivers advanced heat precision for fast, long-lasting results.

Digital IonAir

Digital IonAir

Precise, digitally-controlled heat combines with a wide, gentle airstream to dry hair quickly while maintaining body and shine. With a powerful built-in ion generator, negative ions smooth the hair cuticle for soft, frizz-free results.



Each roller is embedded with a ceramic PTC heater and an aluminum core that work together to quickly achieve the perfect styling temperature. This advanced technology effectively transfers heat to hair creating lasting volume, superb body, and incredible shine like never before.

HeatID Rapid HeatIQ Digital IonAir HeatCore


Form Meets Function

Our tools are crafted with expert engineering insight and a meticulous eye for detail. Optimized ergonomics and intuitive user interfaces combine with a modern, clean aesthetic to create functional, beautiful designs.

Designed from the Insight Out
  • Elevated Experience

    An elegant aesthetic joins with distinct details and an ergonomic design to deliver a seamless luxury experience.

  • Intuitive Interactions

    First-of-its-kind smart touch interfaces, auditory and haptic feedback, light-indicators and digital press buttons intuitively guide users through the styling process.

  • Functional Details

    Purposeful design combines with considered features to deliver superior functionality and performance.

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